Becoming a Mentor at naisA Global


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We are establishing a collaborative framework that enables prominent leaders in Asia and America to mentor promising university students and young professionals who want to reach leadership positions.

The U.S. has traditionally been a world leader in various industries such as business, philanthropy, and politics. With Asia poised as an emerging power, bridging the two via a professional exchange program is timely and critical to strengthening Asian contributions to the West and the rest of the world.

We are looking for accomplished professionals across the globe to donate their time to mentor young Naisa members seeking professional guidance.

Why become a naisA Global Mentor?

  • Being a mentor is a rewarding experience.
  • You get access to a rich network and community of young, talented Asian professionals from around the world.
  • You get a chance to give back to the community and share your success story with young people who are eager to learn.

How the naisA Global Mentor-Protege Program works:

  • As a mentor at naisA Global, you will be matched with a naisA Global Protégé who is working in your industry.
  • A variety of methods can be used to facilitate communication and mentorship, including virtual meetings, conference calls or email correspondence.
  • You will provide approximately 2-4 hours per month of 1-on-1 time, based on your availability, for the duration of the 9-month program.

Who can be a naisA Global Mentor?

  • You should be a professional with at least 10 years or more of professional experience.
  • You can be from any industry – business, technology, law, medicine, academia, arts, nonprofit, government, politics.

Ready to become a naisA Global Mentor?

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Mentors

How does the program work?
The naisA Global Mentor-Protégé Program matches high-quality, talented young Asian professionals (protégés) with highly capable experts (mentors) for a period of 9 months. Mentors and protégés connect on our platform and work together on projects and practices relevant to the various goals outlined at the beginning of the program.
I have not been invited by naisA Global but am very interested in becoming a mentor for naisA Global protégés. What should I do?
You should visit our website and apply directly to our program for consideration.
What are the requirements for applying?
Above all, we value our mentors for their top quality experience and know-how in their chosen field. They are leaders who are passionate about what they do, and are equally enthusiastic about sharing these qualities with young talent. We have no minimum age for our mentors, but we require that each mentor have at least 10 years of experience in their field.
What is the evaluation criteria?
We choose mentors based on their merits. These include job experience, years in the field and other aspects of their resumes; but we also base our decisions on their enthusiasm for the role of mentor, and their willingness to help shape the next generation of global Asian leaders.
I am an invited mentor. May I accept more than one protégé at the same time?
Yes. You may accept to work with up to 2 protégés at the same time.
How long should I expect to wait after applying?
You should hear back from us no later than two weeks after applying.
Who are the naisA Global protégés?
They are vetted, assessed, and handpicked to match your profile because we think you are the best person to help them achieve their goals.
As a naisA Global mentor, what am I expected to do?
Mentors are expected to provide their protégé with 2-4 hours of support and interaction per month. Most of this interaction will take place through various web-related tools (for example, virtual conference calls) or face-to-face, as appropriate. Mentors should work with their protégé to determine what kind of support will be most useful. Mentors can give specific feedback related to finding jobs, general career advice, information on higher studies, leadership skills, professional communications, and so on.
If I apply and am accepted, who will be my protégé?
Complete your profile with information on what help/field experience you think you can provide. naisA Global will then select an appropriate protégé who is looking for help reaching the next level in their career within you industry. If you prefer, you will also have an option to choose a protégé on your own.
As a naisA Global mentor, how do I connect/meet with my protégé? Do we have to meet in person?
naisA Global matches you with your protégé and provides the platform and online resources to design and carry out your assignments, therefore helping you and your protégé reach your mutual goals. Each mentor-protégé relationship is unique. Factors such as location will play a part in how you communicate – whether online or in person. We encourage you to discuss questions like this in the early part of your relationship.
How long will the commitment be?
We ask our mentors to make a commitment for 9 months in order to ensure that the protégé is able to fully benefit from the mentoring relationship. If a mentor must leave the relationship early, we request at least 1 month’s notice in order to search for a replacement mentor with similar background.
Are there any potential risks to me or my company?
No. It is not appropriate for mentors to engage in any business transactions with their Protégés. Instead, the relationship should only involve the flow of general information and advice.
How will my information be stored? Is it secure?
Your information is submitted to us strictly in confidence and for application and mentor-matching purposes only. We will never give away or use your information for anything other than program-related purposes.
As a naisA Global mentor what can I expect after the program finishes?
Of course any future relationship will be agreed upon by you and your protege.