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By becoming a naisA Global protégé you will take a proactive role in shaping your leadership aspirations. You will make excellent connections through our program with experts and current business leaders from across the globe and industries. You will also develop supportive professional relationships that may go beyond any duration of our Mentor-Protégé programs.

How to become a naisA Global Protégé:

  • Every naisA Global member can apply to become a protégé.
  • You will be asked to complete your profile information including your education level, domain of interest, English proficiency, resume and other relevant information.
  • naisA Global will then evaluate your application and if accepted to the program, we will get access to our expert network to book your mentoring sessions. Our team can also match you with the best mentor available.

About naisA Global Mentors:

  • Our mentors are industry leaders and experts.
  • They have the experience and the insight to impart invaluable knowledge and advice to help guide you to the next step in your career.
  • They will help you create and accomplish your unique professional goals.
  • They will mentor you in confidence, giving you the freedom to share your challenges and come up with strategies to overcome them.
  • Your mentorship sessions can be as short as 20 minutes or an hour using our efficient online platform.
  • Our team can specifically match you with mentors who can complement your profile and industry.

Ready to become a naisA Global Protégé? 


Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective naisA Global Protégés

How does the program work?
The naisA Global Mentor-Protégé program matches bright, talented young Asian professionals (protégés) with highly capable experts (mentors) for a period of 9 months. Mentors and protégés connect on our on-line platform and work together virtually or in person, when feasible, for the length of the program on projects and practices relevant to the various goals outlined in the beginning.
How is this program different from my employer's mentoring program?
Our program is focused on developing young Asian leaders by having them foster skills that will help them navigate the modern day world. Our mentors provide guidance and advice, highlighting any challenges and advantages proteges may face down the road.
Who are the naisA Global mentors?
They are vetted, assessed, and handpicked to match your profile and your specific professional ambitions and goals. Most naisA Global Mentors are invited by our Board and have graciously accepted to make an invaluable contribution to naisA Global, by inspiring and guiding our young members.
How much detail should I provide in my personal statement?
Personal statements should be no longer than one page. We are looking for concise summaries that tell us why you would like to become a Naisa protégé, and what you hope to achieve from the program.
What are the requirements for applying?
You should already be signed up as a Naisa member (it’s free); between the ages 21-41; Asian or of Asian decent; have an appropriate degree in your field; and you should also submit: a personal statement, resume, a self-introduction video, as well as a link to your LinkedIn profile.
How will my information be stored? Is it secure?
Your information is submitted to us strictly in confidence and for application and mentor-matching purposes only. We will never give away or use your information for anything other than program-related purposes.
What happens after I submit my materials?
Our committee carefully reviews your application materials and decides on your eligibility for the program. If you are accepted into the program, we will send you an acceptance letter via email. If you do not, at the time, meet our eligibility criteria you will receive a letter from us indicating our decision. Please note that the volume of applicants means that we cannot always give explicit feedback as the reason for a rejection. Also note that we will not store your information if your application fails to progress beyond our committee.
If I am rejected, can I reapply in the future?
Yes. You can re-apply in 6 months.
How long does the program last?
We ask that you make a commitment for 9 months.
I don't have time to create a self-introduction video. Will this count against me?
The self-introduction video helps us get to know you better, which helps us in the matching process. If you absolutely cannot find the time to create the video, that’s okay. Just be sure to fill your profile in with as much detail as possible.
Who will be my mentor if I’m accepted?
naisA Global chooses a mentor who best fits your profile. Complete your profile with the requested information. naisA Global will then select an appropriate expert who matches your profile, and is capable of helping you reach the next level in your career.
If I’m accepted, how long will my mentor be available?
We ask our mentors to make a 9 month commitment in order to ensure that the protégé is able to fully benefit from the relationship. We strongly encourage protégés and mentors to continue the relationship even after the official period ends, and we also provide a variety of ways for them to stay connected with one another.
If I’m accepted, how do I connect/meet with my mentor? Do we meet in person?
naisA Global matches you with your mentor, and provides the platform and resources to design and carry out your assignments, in order to help reach your goals. Each mentor-protégé relationship is unique. Factors such as location will play a part in how you communicate – whether online or in person. We encourage you to discuss questions like this in the early part of your relationship.
As a protégé, what can I expect after the program finishes?
It’s up to you! Depending on your relationship with your mentor you may wish to stay in touch with them – of course any future relationship will be agreed upon by both you and your mentor. Our program is currently 9 months long, and naisA Global cannot provide new mentor relationships to you at this point. We are, however, always happy to hear from successful past protégés!