Challenges for Asian Companies on a Global Stage

Better leadership development is critical to Asia’s long-term growth. Asian companies are on the threshold of a new world, one to which they will contribute at a much higher level. Leaders will be called on to navigate the challenges ahead of them currently and in the next decade. As Asian businesses become more globalized it is important for leaders to gain a broad view of multiple culturesas they must be able to strategize, set priorities, build relationships, and influence others from different backgrounds.

naisA Global members work with our leading experts to gain a broad understanding of global workplace practices, gaining exposure and seeing examples of how to overcome specific challenges across multiple geographies. Young professionals who profess a determination to become the next generation of Asian leaders need to increasingly be exposed to different cultures and work styles if they are to assume a greater role on the world stage.

Demands that leaders face globally are common but leadership styles and behaviors are rooted in cultural specifics. For example, Asian culture could be said to have a lower tolerance for contradictory viewpoints, and this can result in teams where senior executives and managers think and behave in the same way, which in turn can lead to a lack of innovation. naisA Global’s programs are built with the purpose of preparing young talent for the rigors of globalized leadership where knowledge of cultural specifics is vital, and more importantly, how to implement that knowledge into successful strategy.

What is certain is that Asia is playing an ever-larger role in shaping world business. With the help of naisA Global, Asia will have the right leaders prepared and in place to continue this role long into the future.

naisA Global is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping talented young Asian professionals unlock their potential and become great leaders.