Dr. Kang joined Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and received his Ph.D. in biomechanics of industrial engineering from the POSTECH, South Korea in 1997. He was Vice President and Head of UX Center of Samsung Electronics, and Open Innovation Group at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology until last year. He has been actively serving the pursuit of open innovation in order to foster the discovery of new ideas and technological breakthroughs with academic communities and global research centers including industries.

1. Do you have a sense of pride and ownership in working for Samsung?
Samgsung gives Koreans a sense of pride for Koreans, similar to that of Nokia in Finland. I feel very connected to it both as a Korean and as someone who was worked in it for several years.

2. Tell me a little about what you do? What are some really interesting things you do?
I am involved in UX design department for Samsung. I often get a chance to work with some futuristic designs before they are brought to market.

3. What are two characteristics you find very important in young professionals?
I believe that two good assets are being able to possess personal insight whatever you’re involved with, your own understanding, interpretation, and perspectives, and a desire or eagerness to always be learning.

4. What does being a mentor in the nFA program mean to you?
I have been involved with the nFA program and with mentoring programs in general for many years. I am passionate about the work that naisA is doing because I strongly believe in the potential of young people, and the need to harness their energy and capabilities.