Rokas Beresniovas is a leader in the D.C. business community. Presently, he works as a Vice President and head of expansion at the State Bank of India USA in Washington, DC. Currently, he is a founding board member of Pebbles of Hope and the Perisphere Theater, an active board member for Joy of Motion, and an honorary board member for The Embassy Series. He is also the founder of the Lithuanian nonprofit organization Global Lithuanian Leaders (GLL) and was recognized by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015 for outstanding leadership in youth mentoring.

1. How do you define a leader?
Being a leader is about listening, motivating, and trying to make projects or ideas work forward without regarding personal benefits. Leadership is about empowerment. It is to recognize others’ efforts and to encourage them accomplish more than they thought possible.

2. What does naisA Global do for leaders?
I want to be fulfilled by the work I do for others in the community I live. I seek to share my story and inspire others so that they can reach their full potential.

3. What do you want to achieve as a leader?
I became successful because people helped me in areas that I was not fully competent in. I had great mentors who helped to guide me and challenged me to grow. The mentors that I had are my role models.

4. Who is or would be a good minority role model?
I would tell my past self not to be afraid of asking for help and be brave enough to ask someone to be my mentor. I would also tell my past self to have more courage to attend events and meet as many people as I could. The more people you meet the more you learn.