Steve Warren has been a popular radio personality since 1963, He is the author of the best-selling book on Radio Programming, RADIO: The Book, (Focal Press) and has been a radio professional starting at the age of 16. He’s sought after as an advisor, motivator, teacher, and cheerleader for compelling radio programming. His expert knowledge and love of the industry has secured his position as a radio programming authority. Clients include: NABEF Career Fair, NAB Radio Show, NAB Las Vegas conference and exposition, Country Radio Seminar, The Conclave, and the NAB European Conference, and State Broadcaster Associations in Tennessee, Indiana, New York, Missouri, Kansas, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Michigan.

1. How do you define a leader?
I believe a leader is someone people respect and follow. Usually the best leaders are trying to lead, they are just performing in an exemplary manner that others want to emulate. The most effective leaders are promoted to leadership rather than seek it.

2. What do you want achieve as a leader?
I am hoping that my experiences can short-cut the learning curve for those who wish to follow a similar career path.

3. What is some advice you’d give yourself when you were first starting off your career?
That has been so long ago that I am not sure any advice would still be applicable today. However, although it wasn’t advice at the time, I have always advocated that people should remain very flexible in their early career years and avoid making obligations that may restrain their ability to relocate, re-assess, retrain, and re-evaluate opportunities.