Frequently Asked Questions for naisA Flash Advice

(Beta Version)


How does the program work?
The naisA Flash Advice (nFA) Beta version is offered free to our naisA Global members who need professional career and/or leadership advice via our online platform. From there, our members can access a list of our experts from the US and around the world who are accomplished professionals in a wide variety of industries.
Do naisA Global members pay for this service?
No. The naisA Flash Advice Beta version is free for our members.
Do naisA Flash Advice Experts get paid for participating?
No. Our naisA Global experts provide a skill based pro-bono service for our members because they are passionate about promoting diversity, youth empowerment, leadership development as well as increasing the presence of Asian American leadership.
How is this program different from your mentor-protégé program?
The naisA Flash Advice service differs in that each consulting session is 20 minutes long and any qualified signed-up member can use up to three sessions (60 minutes total) per month. The mentor-protégé program is a longer term, more in-depth engagement.
Who are the naisA Global experts?
All our experts are selected by invitation only and have been screened, evaluated, and verified by our leadership Board. Our experts have at least 10 years of industry experience and are part of our global network of senior leaders in law, education, finance, business, technology, journalism, healthcare, the arts, literature, nonprofits, government, etc.
Who are the naisA Flash Advice members?
The naisA Flash Advice members are ambitious college students, graduate students pursuing an MBA, JD, MD or PhD in various disciplines, recent graduates pursuing a career in a variety of industries, and other talented young professionals of Asian descent working at various companies and organizations who aspire to be great leaders.
How will my information be stored? Is it secure?
Your contact information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with your connected participants. Your nFA session will take place using our own secure online platform and no phone number or email address exchange is necessary.
Where do I go to participate in a naisA Flash Advice session?
We provide a Web & Mobile platform for an interactive session in online text chat, audio, or video mode.
Who determines when each session starts and ends?
Similar to any online meeting, the session starts as previously determined and should end after 20 minutes. Any overtime will not be considered as an additional session. Each member is expected to respect the expert’s time and will end the session promptly. The expert has the right to leave the session as scheduled.
What kind of mentoring exchange is expected and what are the parameters?
Our naisA Flash Advice Program exists for the purposes of career coaching, networking, gathering industry information, or any other areas where members can gain professional insight. Our Program participants must agree to the terms of use and privacy statement to ensure all our communication services are conducted in the most professional manner.

Our naisA Global experts reserve the right to refuse to answer any questions that are proprietary, copyrighted, or otherwise inappropriate. If appropriate, they may make referrals or offer their professional consulting service outside our Program.

In short, the exchange is totally customized between the nFA member and the expert and set with the parameters (time limit, content, privacy, etc.) as mentioned above.

What is the time zone used in the naisA Flash Advice platform?
Our nFA members and naisA Global experts participate in the program from all over the world. The time zones in the scheduler are displayed in your local time.
Are there guidelines for scheduling available times and dates for naisA Global experts?
Yes. In general, weekdays from 7am to 10pm in your time zone are recommended. Appointments outside this range can be made as necessary. Please keep in mind some of our experts may be in other time zones.