Mentor-Protégé Program

If you are a young professional with leadership aspirations, our program allows you to exponentially enhance your professional capabilities. On the other hand if you are an established leader, this is your chance to share your expertise, make a difference in someone’s life and leave your legacy behind. The program:

  • Is flexible in terms of the duration of mentorship
  • Is designed for those who aspire to lead.
  • Follows a one-on-one mentor matching system.
  • Provide a global platform for career advice not an informal meet-up.
  • Provides an opportunity to build constructive and positive relationships and network.

Our aim is to connect up-and-coming executives, bright university graduates and young professionals known as naisA Protégés with mid-to-senior level leaders for a series of career mentoring interactions focusing on what it takes to become a successful leader. The importance of mentorship is emphasized time and again by successful people. Constructive advice and guidance, at the right time, can shape an aspiring young executive’s personal and professional life while inspiring them to reach their full potential. Through our premier Mentor-Protégé program, we hope to offer the same and more.

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