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naisA Talks

              Esther Lim              President of D.C. Bar


                     David Kim                       VP, Government Affairs     Hyundai Motor


               Wallace Loh                President, University of Maryland


                 Mei Xu                         Co-Founder & CEO         Chesapeake Bay Candle


            Sid Venkatesan               Chief IP Counsel, GE Digital


                    David Kim                      VP, Government Affairs         Hyundai Motor
               Frank Islam                          Chairman & CEO                 FI Investment Group
alina-liao                Alina Liao                     Co-Founder of MindRight
becky-lee              Becky Lee                           Executive Director        Becky’s Fund
tim                    Brian Kim                          Associate General Counsel     American Osteopathic Association
elise                 Elise Whang                CEO of SnobSwap
kevin-lee            Kevin Lee                                Founder                       Mobilized Construction
tim                      Lily Yeh                                   CEO & Founder               Little Loving Hands
sam yoon                     Sam Yoon                      Executive Director of CKA
TALK                 Timothy Chi                        CEO of WeddingWire


tim             Tim Hwang                    CEO of FiscalNote
tim                Vincent Wong                  CEO of mHelpDesk
tim                   Young Bang                                           Senior VP                         Booz Allen Hamilton
yoko                 Yoko Sen                        Halcyon Incubator Fellow

naisA Interviews

elise Elise Whang timothy Timothy Chi tim Tim Hwang yoko Yoko Sen