Why Confidence is Key to Leadership

When people consider what it takes to become a successful person, the first thing that comes to mind is confidence. After all, a person who believes in themselves is capable of jumping into projects, taking calculated risks, and most importantly, inspiring others to follow them. For as long as people have contemplated the power of high self-confidence, people have also been contemplating the potential pitfalls high self-confidence. In 2012, the Harvard Business Review published an article and concluded that ultimately, less confident people are more successful than self-confident people. That same year, they published another article, again with the same conclusion that having self-confidence is not related to success. This […]



More Tips to Set Successful Goals

More Tips on How to set Successful Goals Successful people have a lot of habits that they attribute to achieving and maintaining their success. Some of these habits include waking up early, time management, and scheduling time to relax. Perhaps one of the most important habits successful people have is setting goals. Goals are important because they help us keep our energy and focus on the task at hand, and help us ignore distractions. Setting goals is an action that we engage in every day, but we don’t always know how to maximize it for success. However, there are several ways to set goals to set yourself up for success. We’ve […]



Why It’s Harder for Asians to Succeed in the Workplace

Despite comprising 50% of the workforce in Silicon Valley, less than 2% of managers and executives are Asian. Furthermore, Asian Americans are the least likely racial group to ascend into managerial and executive positions. This obstacle to success compounds institutional bias against Asians by further relegating them into non-leadership positions. Both, the public and private sectors underrepresent the Asian Americans. This is perhaps the largest issue currently facing the Asian American community in America. The question is, why is it more difficult for Asians to succeed?   Poor Networking Asians tend to invest less time and effort in developing strong peer networks, which can impede their professional progress. Strong networks […]



Gaining Credibility as a Young Professional

Landing a job fresh out of college hasn’t been so easy over the last seven years, it’s true, but something not often talked about is the difficulty of imposing yourself in a new role when you do finally manage to get hired. As a young professional your youth can work against you.   Eventually, through mere persistence and simply the passing of time you’re likely to become accepted in your job by your peers and superiors. But by being active and following certain pieces of advice you can speed up this process, gain credibility and perhaps even rise up the company ladder faster.   In the corporate world, perception is […]



Time Management: A Key to Getting Ahead

Something we’re rarely explicitly taught when we start our professional lives, but is actually essential to our success in the world of work is good, efficient time management. Learning how to organize yourself and your tasks is so important for your ability to do your job, as well as for your own mental health. There’s nothing more stressful than having too much to do with no time to do it. It doesn’t matter how smart you are if you can’t organize information well enough to take it in. And it doesn’t matter how skilled you are if procrastination keeps you from getting your work done. In our hectic schedules, your […]



Essential Reading for Young Leaders

Perhaps not mentioned enough within the business world are the wide-ranging benefits of reading. Studies have shown that reading can improve intelligence and lead to insight and innovation. It broadens your vocabulary, expands your world knowledge and improves your abstract reasoning skills. You learn to acquire and assimilate new information quickly and effectively, and many business people claim that reading across fields is great for creativity. Leaders who can sample insights in a broad range of areas—such as sociology, the physical sciences, economics, and psychology—and can apply them to their organizations are more likely to prosper. Reading also increases verbal intelligence and a leader who is a more adept and […]



The Art of Recruitment: What Millennials Want?

According to a recent survey of a 1,000 Millennials—conducted by EdAssist, a continuing education firm that offers programs for companies like Pepsico and Comcast—financial security is a number 1 concern for young professionals aged between 18-35, with 71% saying they would prefer a retirement savings plan over other financial perks like company equity or cell phone reimbursements. Also covered in the same survey was that strong potential for professional development was preferable to a similar job with regular pay raises – In fact 59% of Millennials picked the former. This is interesting to note as other surveys regularly find that employees of all (other) ages prioritize compensation over other job […]



Recipe for Success: Young Leaders at All Level

According to the Global Human Capital Trends Survey, published in 2014 by Deloitte University Press, one of the twelve critical issues identified for the current year is the need for “leaders at all levels” in business. Not unlike the manager of a sports team calling for leaders throughout their squad, leadership remains the no. 1 talent issue facing organizations around the world. In examination of the findings 86% of respondents to the survey rated it “urgent” or “important”. With only 13% saying they do an excellent job of developing leaders at all levels, meaning that this area has the largest “readiness gap” in the survey. Finding good leaders has and […]



Senior Level Diversity: Key to Developing and Keeping Female Asian Leaders

There is a challenge facing organizations across the world. They are concerned with the competitive and financial toll it may take on their businesses: the issue is a lack of women in leadership positions. Organizations, right now, are facing vast numbers of millennial talent entering and reshaping the workforce, and businesses looking to capitalize on the influx of this new potential need to address the gender leadership gap. Greater diversity at a senior level is key, but to get to that point, organizations need to understand how to engage, nurture and hold on to talented female personnel. Perhaps Asia can be seen as a microcosm for the business world at […]


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