Despite comprising 50% of the workforce in Silicon Valley, less than 2% of managers and executives are Asian. Furthermore, Asian Americans are the least likely racial group to ascend into managerial and executive positions. 

This obstacle to success compounds institutional bias against Asians by further relegating them into non-leadership positions. The under representation of Asian Americans in leadership positions, both corporate and government, is perhaps the largest issue currently facing the Asian American community in America.

The question is, why is it more difficult for Asians to succeed? Poor Networking Asians tend to invest less time and effort developing strong peer networks, which can impede their professional progress. Strong […]



Do We Need More Feminine Style Leadership?

What are feminine leadership qualities in the workplace? But no—that does not mean just women in leadership positions. Feminine leadership is a specific style of leading that differs from the most common style of leadership. In other words, it does not embody masculine traits such as competition focused, heavy handedness, and rigidity.

Furthermore, feminine leadership is not about who is leading, but rather the principles they hold and how they lead. Of these principles, these are two of the most important.  

Balance and Flexibility Traditional workplace leadership and cultures are extremely result focused and reward those who put in the most hours, rather than those who work efficiently and […]



3 Ways for Millennials to Get Job Experience

When searching for jobs, a common downfall for potential candidates is job experience. For current students or young professionals, attaining the years of experience expected for many jobs and positions seems impossible. This is a point of discouragement and can deter skilled potential applicants from applying for jobs that may be a good fit. Thus, it is important for young professionals to find strategies to gain relevant job experience, even as a recent graduate or new employee. With adequate experience, more opportunities will open up, propelling young professionals into highly successful careers. Here are three ways for you to gain job experience.   Use Your Extra Time Efficiently Instead of […]



How to Move Up in the Leadership Ranks

As young professionals progress in their careers, they begin looking for upward mobility in the ranks—attaining leadership positions. But, earning leadership positions is not easy. Many struggle to gain access to leadership positions, some more than others. In the United States, Asians find great difficulty moving from employee to leadership positions, causing them to be significantly underrepresented. However, this is not always due to direct discrimination. Organizations look for certain traits in employees to promote as leaders, and you must know how to display them in the workplace. To move up in the leadership ranks, consider the following principles.   Being Social in the Workplace Despite the negative connotations often […]



Networking Musts for Recent Graduates

After graduating from college and entering the workforce, many young professionals feel helpless. Navigating the job market as a recent graduate is difficult, between finding opportunities and excelling at the few jobs you manage to land. Your peers seem to have it easy, but why? The answer is strong networks. With a well-developed and strong professional network, recent graduates can find exclusive opportunities and professional advice and support. However, networking isn’t always a simple task. Done wrong, you could waste your time struggling to build a network. To avoid this, there are simple tasks and strategies for building a robust professional network.   Take Advantage of Your Age Right out […]



4 Successful Asian Millennial Entrepreneurs

In the United States and around the world, Asians struggle to reach the leadership ranks. Compared to their share of the population, Asians are severely underrepresented in both mid-level management and C-Suites. This is due to a number of reasons, including traditional traits such as modesty that are seen as negatives by western business standards and a tendency to avoid risk. The avoidance of risk also makes it more difficult to become successful entrepreneurs, as starting a new company always involves a level of risk. However, there are a number of young, Millennial Asian entrepreneurs bucking the trend and finding success. By discovering who they are, what they do, and […]



The Importance of the New Movie, “Crazy Rich Asians”

Crazy Rich Asians, released on August 15th, is the first film in 25 years to feature an all Asian-American cast. The last movie to accomplish this was the Joy Luck Club, a drama released in 1993. The casting for Crazy Rich Asians, and the release itself marks a milestone for Asian Americans in the film industry hoping to usher in a new era of Asians in popular media. Asians have long struggled to find footing in Hollywood, comprising only a minute number of actors and actresses and an even smaller number actually cast in movies. Even recent releases such as Ghost in the Shell cast white actors/actresses in Asian roles. Outside […]



Top 3 Priorities for Finding Success for Young Professionals

Every person has different measures of success in their personal and professional lives. Success can be finding the proper work-life balance, ascending into the leadership ranks, or simple financial gain. You can reach each of these goals using a similar strategy. This strategy promotes efficient, high-quality work. Regardless of your end goal, here should be your top three priorities for finding success. Plan and Complete Tasks Planning is essential for remaining productive at work. Create a clear agenda of the tasks at hand and break large assignments into manageable small tasks. This way, completing tasks is easy. Outline what work you plan to do for the day and create an […]



How to Avoid the Barriers that Asian Entrepreneurs Face

Around the world, Asians are finding the entrepreneurial spirit. They are founding many companies, organizations, and projects. Yet, the road to entrepreneurship is not easy, and one that holds many barriers and obstacles. In particular, Asian entrepreneurs face several unique challenges. Here’s how to avoid them: Accept Risk Most Asian American families are recent immigrants. Often, from backgrounds of hardship and sacrifice. The story of immigrant hardship and the desire for a better future shapes priorities. This common narrative leads young Asian Americans to avoid risk and find a stable, well-paying job. Unfortunately, the risk avoidance limits opportunities for young Asian American professionals. Opportunities such as taking jobs at startups […]



The Success of Women-Owned Businesses

There is a tendency in the business world to go with what has proven success. In most circumstances involving money, a risk-assessment or cost-effectiveness analysis is a meticulously thought out process. If the results reveal the risk is too high, or that the profit margin isn’t projected to be wide enough to warrant this new venture, then the project is either sent back to the drawing board or abandoned completely. Ironically, many of the wealthiest and most successful business owners began with an idea that did not have widespread support initially. One of the many benefits of the increase in women-owned-businesses is that women are adding new perspectives and innovative […]


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