naisA Talks

More than Just a Lecture Circuit

naisA Talks are a series of presentations, panel discussions, and interviews with leading industry experts. Guest speakers are invited to host or participate in talks that address leadership and development topics within their industry. These senior leaders are asked to give their insights and advice on how to navigate the landscape as an emerging young Asian leader. All Naisa Talks are available to members online.

naisA Talks Cover:

  • What challenges and difficulties you may face in your career
  • What career paths match your personality and interest
  • Advice on work/life balance
  • Various view points and ideas on how to successfully lead and communicate
  • What it means to be both Asian and a leader in the professional world today

Join the Dialogue
Each interactive series will allow naisA Global Members to participate in forums and Q&A sessions with guest speakers. All events and talks are geared towards our members’ interests and industries. Our goal is to highlight the most important and interesting aspects of what it means to be a leading Asian professional in each respective industry. Live events will give members the opportunity to meet industry leaders and experts in their field of interest.

naisA Talks aim to engage our members in an open dialogue about diversity, goal-setting, leadership, and how they can make it to the top. These talks are inspired by our dedication to help build Asian leaders of tomorrow. We invite you to join the dialogue today!