Asia Leads the Line as International Students but Still Lacks Leaders

The United States has been the great global hub of Higher Education. Recent Federal data sources released by US Immigration and Customs show that approximately one million international students are attending American schools and up to three quarters of the students are from Asian countries



Younger Asian American Professionals Are Taking More Risks

Coming from a culture of immigrant mentality, perhaps it’s not surprising Asian Americans are seen as more careful and less risk-taking than their Caucasian counterparts. As Danielle Chang says in an article from Crain’s New York Business, “[Most] went the professional route, studied accounting and medicine and got the paycheck because the pressure from parents,



Use S.M.A.R.T Goals to Set Yourself Up for Success

Goal setting is a habit we engage in everyday that can be used to maximize success. Goals help us achieve success, but how? First off, setting goals helps to keep people on track. Goals keep us fixated on the task at hand by keeping energy and attention focused on goal-relevant tasks and directed away from goal-irrelevant tasks. In addition to keeping people focused and driven, goals have the added benefit of making large-scale and long-term plans more tangible, as seeing all the little pieces can make a complex objective seem more realistic and manageable. Setting goals can have a tremendously positive impact both on personal and professional success. How to […]



Rising Asian Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting and running one’s own business, usually through their own financial backing. The precarious financial situation can deter some people from becoming entrepreneurs. However, for many, entrepreneurship has become an increasingly popular career path, especially those who are seeking alternatives from the typical office-career. In America, entrepreneurship has really taken off, producing success stories like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Ariana Huffington. Entrepreneurship is growing as an option around the world and is even the concept behind micro-finance loans. However, entrepreneurship in Asia is still a little behind entrepreneurship in America and other parts of the world, having only recently become popular. Although […]



Are Asian Americans Apathetic about Politics?

America’s ethnic composition is constantly shifting and changing, thereby reinforcing its epithet as the “melting pot” of the world. Though it comprises only eight percent of the U.S. population, the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community is the fastest growing minority group in America today. Despite their growing presence in America, AAPI professionals are consistently underrepresented in industry leadership, ranging from business, law, and finance to cinema, music and theatre. Asian Americans aren’t just underrepresented in industry leadership; they’re underrepresented in politics as well. AAPI’s lack of political representation in American politics contributes to their low level of political participation. The upcoming presidential election may; however, prove be a turning […]



Networking in Today’s Knowledge-Sharing Economy

One of the most frustrating lessons you will inevitably learn when trying to find a job is the realization that the world we live in is not, as much as we may like it to be, a meritocracy. Even if you are a highly qualified candidate with years of experience and a stellar resume, a less-qualified applicant may get the job simply because he or she has made better connections. Although networking is consistently highlighted as a vital component to securing a job, how important is it nowadays? More specifically, what role does networking play in the globalized knowledge-sharing economy that defines our day and age? To answer this question, […]



3 Ways to Be a Good Mentor

On the path of professional development, mentors are an important resource. To a young professional seeking to enter the workforce, or even a seasoned professional attempting to enter a new industry, mentors can offer a wealth of knowledge and insight that can only be gained from experience. Knowing that, it’s no wonder people are eager to develop mentor-mentee relationships and why many professionals are generally willing and excited to step into the role of mentor. Enthusiasm is a place for mentors to start, but what else can mentors do to be a great mentor? Be Committed and Invested Mentorship is a relationship, and like other relationships, it requires commitment and […]



The Golden Rule for Success: Networking

Do you want to know a (not-so-secret) secret for success in the business field? You probably already know what it is. That’s right, it’s networking! Networking can affect your career and even your whole life in a myriad of ways. Adam Small, the CEO of Strategic Business Network, considers networking the most viable and effective tool for any individual or organization to achieve and sustain success. Likewise, many influential leaders point out ‘networking’ as their key success factor. They often say that young professionals tend to underestimate the importance of networking or are reluctant to reach out and build long-term relationships. Here are a number of reasons why conventional face-to-face […]



Thinking Outside of the Box leads to Great Leaders

What makes a great leader? While some commonly listed traits are communication and charisma, everyone’s opinion is different. Forbes Magazine contributor Tanya Prive, names qualities like honesty, communication, and interpersonal skills, amongst others, as important traits of a leader. While these skills are undoubtedly important in a leader, she listed other skills that stand out: creativity, intuition, and inspiration. Traits like creativity, following one’s intuition and inspiration, are traits that contribute to thinking outside of the box. Thinking out of the box is often associated with unpredictability, or viewed as a skill for the creative fields.  As the leader of an organization, it may be comfortable to follow the status […]


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