Communication in a Diverse Workplace

As communication technologies continue to rapidly improve, and the world becomes a smaller, more connected place, business leaders need to adjust their practices in order to get the best out of their personnel. These employees may come from nations all around the world, and it is important for senior figures to ensure their contributions aren’t buried under language and cultural differences.

Globalization brings with it a certain homogenization, and it is worth considering if leadership practices in the developing East will merge toward the style in the West. Opinions vary on this, almost as much as the styles themselves. But in a world where business is being conducted with less and less geographical barriers, it stands to reason that the notion of East and West itself may soon become peripheral. Essentially being replaced by a mix in leadership styles.

Leadership styles vary from country to country

Anglo Leadership

Charismatic: Visionary, Decisive, Passionate
Participative: Encourages input into decision-making, Delegates authority; Emphasizes equality

Southern Asian Leadership

Team-oriented: Collaborative, Diplomatic, Instills pride and loyalty
Humane: Compassionate, Generous, Supportive

Confucian Leadership

Self-protective: Status conscious, Saves face, Values safety/security
Team-oriented: Collaborative, Diplomatic, Instills pride and loyalty

One thing is certain: the coming generation of leaders will need to be well equipped to adapt to multiple styles and directions that reflect the cultural mix within their workforce. It is something that current leaders must keep up with also. Investing in young, diverse talent, with the potential to become leaders themselves, is a crucial step in the right direction.

At naisA Global our programs are designed with a global outlook in mind, for all young Asian professionals and those of Asian decent. We have experts who have experience in all manner of different leadership styles, who are willing to mentor young professionals to reach their full potential:

  • for Asians in Asia that might be learning how to communicate more effectively in English, or prepare them as standout future leaders who can implement diverse practices and drive their company forward into bright, successful futures.
  • Or for Asian Americans who are attempting to realize their ambitions and break past statistics that suggest they won’t make good leaders.
naisA Global is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping talented young Asian professionals unlock their potential and become great leaders.