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Ivan has 6 years of business experience in strategy and supply chain management projects, especially for Life Science / Healthcare and Consumer Business Industry. Besides his professional career as a Strategy & Operations Senior Consultant, he is also the mentor at naisA Global’s mentorship program, providing career advice to young professionals and university students. In addition, he also supports other volunteering activities, e.g. Coin a Chance, case interview and fit interview practice. Ivan holds Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering from Bandung of Institute Technology (2011) and Green Belt of Lean Six Sigma (2015).

1. Why did you decide to become a consultant?

I first started off as a Management Trainee, at that time I thought that the Supply Chain Division was the most interesting option for me, compared to Technical (Factory)/Sales/Marketing /HR/Finance. By joining Supply Chain Management, I believed I could learn end-to-end business processes. After two and a half years, I considered joining a consulting firm to expand and apply my knowledge.

2. What do you want achieve as a young professional?

As a young professional one of my end goals is to become a Founder / Co-Founder and CEO in a tech start-up company.

3. Why is networking important, and how do you think it can help someone?

I think networking is very important for me and other young professionals. I can successfully support business developments because of networking. I was a super introverted person, but after I graduated from my university, I have been learning to improve my social skills to build a wide network because it’s crucial for my career. Being a smart person is not enough if you don’t have a good network to support you.

4. What does being a part of nFA mean to you?

I think the mentor-protégé program that naisA offers is key. It provides individuals with the fundamentals to career success and advancement.

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